Congratulations to the following players selected to represent Sutherland Shire Stingrays for the Australian National Championship

The tournament has been postponed to February 10th, 11th & 12th 2022.

Boys 9

Boys 10

Boys 11 

Boys 12

Boys 13

Boys 14 – Please email angdavey72@gmail if you are interested in playing

Boys 15

Boys 16 – Please email angdavey72@gmail if you are interested in playing

Boys 17


Girls 9

Girls 10

Girls 11

Girls 12

Girls 13

Girls 14

Girls 15

Girls 16

Girls 17















Junior Australian Championships have been postponed until February 11th, 12th & 13th 2022



Stingray Oztag Trials (1 Child per Form)
Stingray Oztag Trials (1 Child per Form)
Australian Championships : Friday 15th, 16th & 17th October 202, C.ex Stadium, Coffs Harbour Contact: Saturday 31st July and Sunday 1st August (Covid depending) 


Congratulations to the following 2021 coaches for Australian Championships

Boys 9 – co-coaches Cain best, Nick Herb & Josh Martin

Boys 10 – Tony Schumacker

Boys 11 – Paul Laffan

Boys 12 – Brett Carroll

Boys 13 – Ramy Murr

Boys 14 – Matt Connor

Boys 15 – Luke Wever

Boys 16 – Byron Briones-Hancock

Boys 17 – Boey Alam


Girls 9 – Co-coaches Amy Helm & Angela Brustolin

Girls 10 – Michael McCarthy

Girls 11 – Ben Tickle

Girls 12 – Kim Carroll

Girls 13 – Rebecca Hughes

Girls 14 – Dave Whetu

Girls 15 – Angela Davey

Girls 16 – Co-coaches Brad Tattam & Clint Robinson

Girls 17 – Adam Cryer


Please keep checking website and Facebook for updated trial information, especially Covid information.  Age group trial times will be posted in the next few days


Trial dates for Sutherland Shire Stingrays to compete in the Australian Championships will be held Sunday 25th July 2021.  If needed a 2nd trial will be held Sunday 1st August 2021

Venue-:  Jenola playing fields, Woolooware

Times to be advised.

Sutherland Shire Oztag understands this is in the middle of winter sports, however every player interested in representing Sutherland Shire Stingrays must attend the trial.  If you are unable to attend the trial, an email explaining why you are absent must be emailed to Angela Davey, Sutherland Shire Representative Coordinator,  If a player is injured a medical certificate is required.


Australian National Championships 2021

Coaching positions are now open for 2021 and will close Friday 18th June.

The tournament will be held in Coffs Harbour, 

C.ex Stadium. 15th, 16th & 17th October. 

If you are interested in applying for a coaching role, please follow the link


























Boys 9

Boys 10

Boys 11

Boys 12

Boys 13

Boys 14

Boys 15

Boys 16

Boys 17


Girls 9

Girls 10

Girls 11

Girls 12

Girls 13

Girls 14

Girls 15

Girls 16

Girls 17

COVID Safety Protcals

Cronulla – Kareela – Menai – Engadine/Heathcote Jnr Associations



The NSW Government have announced that all community sport can recommence as of July 1, 2020. To ensure Sutherland Shire Jnr Oztag National Trials are conducted safely we have put protocols in place that ALL players, Coaches & parents should adhere to.


Our Trial matches will not be conducted as in the past  – under the direction of the NSW Government and Australian Oztag, there are strict guidelines that MUST be diligently followed by all.


Please read the Official Safety Plan to protect the health and safety of our players, Coaches, Parents and the community.





  1. Players interested in trialing should have contacted their Coach to enable coaches to create a list of players wishing to attend the Trial.


  1. Players should arrive ready to play, no sooner than 15 minutes before your trial time. Coaches will inform players of their field number prior to arrival.


  1. Players go straight to their field. They are not congregate at the Canteen.


  1. Sutherland Shire Jnr Oztag will supply hand sanitizer at each field. Coaches will be asked to spray all players hands with hand sanitizer prior to games commencing.


  1. Parents and Spectators are not permitted to stand on sidelines – rather Parents or Guardians should drop their child to the gate at the field and ensure the player moves immediately to their field where their Coach will mark them present.


  1. Players should bring their own water bottle. They should not share!


  1. Players must avoid high fives, shaking hands and spitting.


  1. Interchange players on the sideline must maintain social distancing.


  1. All players MUST vacate the venue when their Trial is complete once a Parent has arrived to collect them.


Sutherland Shire Jnr Oztag will be diligent in implementing and maintaining the following safety strategies:


  1. There will be a COVID-19 Safety Coordinator at the venue – they will be

responsible for ensuring the safety plan is adhered to throughout the day.


  1. The game balls will be supplied by the Association, NOT teams. Referees will clean the ball with a disinfectant wipe or spray at half time and full time.


  1. Tags will be replaced with a fresh set after each trial.


  1. Trial times are set to allow 30 mins between game times.


  1. To ensure cleanliness of venues, staff will:
  • Continually clean common staff areas e.g. sign on table/bench.
  • Disinfect toilet taps at regular intervals during the day.
  • Hand soap and sanitizer will be placed in toilets
  • COVID-19 posters to be placed in toilets re: hand washing
  • COVID-19 poster to be placed around venue re: social distancing
  • Disposable gloves and masks to be kept ready for use by staff and possible symptomatic players


Management of symptomatic person

  • If a player presents with symptoms or becomes unwell staff should immediately wear PPE.
  • Supply the symptomatic person with a mask
  • Open a change room & isolate the person.
  • Notify the public health organization in our area. E.g. Hospital
  • Organize transport



Sutherland Shire Jnr Oztag look forward to reuniting with our community and getting everyone back on the field. We will continue to provide updates on our website and Facebook page when necessary.


Our priority is the health and safety of all players and staff, so all we ask is that you remain CAUTIOUS, INFORMED AND DILIGENT in return.


Sutherland Shire Jnr Oztag


National Stingray trial will be held on July 26th at Jenola.


Due to COVID-19, some procedures are different this year.


If you are interested in trialling please contact the coach listed below for your age


Players interested in trialling must supply the coach of that age group with their name, DOB, team name and association they play at last summer.


You must have played a minimum of 7 games in the 2019-2020 summer competition.


You must have not played for any other association at the last State Cup


Trials will go for a maximum of 1.5 hours.


Age groups will marshal at a designated field.


Players and coaches must leave straight away at the end of the trial.


Times are below

Boys and girls age groups

9,10 & 11          Arrival time 10.00am                   End time 11.30am

Boys and girls age groups

12, 13 & 14. Arrival time 12.00pm        End time 1.30pm

Boys and girls age groups

15, 16 & 17   Arrival time 2.00pm          End time 3.30pm

Girls 16 ONLY. Arrival time 3.30 pm, end time 5.00pm

At this stage we do not know if parents can attend.  It will be determined on how many players are interested in trialling.


2020 Stingray National Coaches


Girls 9                Belinda Laverence       0452 301 060

Girls 10               Ben Tickle                    0410 454 667

Girls 11               Kim Carroll                  0408 115 350

Girls 12               Bec Hughes                 0407 217 731

Girls 13               David Whetu               0423 610 417

Girls 14               Angela Davey              0404 494 440

Girls 15               Dave Rose                   0408 226 842

Girls 16               Adam Cryer                 0408 662 227

Girls 17               Jeff Glenn                    0410 566 352




Boys 9                 Joel Wever                  0466 889 778

Boys 10               Paul Laffan                  0419 288 851

Boys 11               Brett Carroll                0438 106 729

Boys 12               Tim Jenkins                 0408 790 079

Boys 13               Tony Schumacher       0424 311 358

Boys 14               Luke Wever                 0400 421 657

Boys 15               Scott McMartin           0413 742 323

Boys 16               Vili Taukomo               0426 284 844

Boys 17               Phil Rothfield              0401 704 304