How many players in a Jnr Oztag team?

8 players take the field (with most teams registering about 10 players)

Do we have to register a whole team?

No, we accept whole teams, part thereof and individuals

What are the costs involved?

$90 registration per player and $30 for Oztag shorts or tights.

$80 for Mixed Players

Where do we buy the shorts?

They are available on Rego days and at each competition day!

Do we have to organise team shirts?

Teams must wear the same colour shirt, or singlet top. Numbers on shirts are compulsory for every player.

Where do we register?

Please refer to the information on this website for each competition area

How long does a game last?

45 minutes in total. 2 x 20 min halves with a half time break.

When does the competition start and finish?

Mid October, with a break for Christmas School Holidays, and it resumes when school does and finals are played by early March.

Do we play at the same place each week?

Yes, games are scheduled every 45 minutes, so your time may vary but the venue is usually the same each week.

How do the “Age Divisions” work?

We offer Boys Divisions – U6’s, U8’s, U10’s, U12’s, U14’s, U16’s.Girls Divisions – GU6’s, G8’s U10’s, U12’s, U14’s, U16’s – you can play up age divisions but you can’t be older than the age of that division. Eg…In an U10’s Division, you can play in this Divisions if you are 10 or under up until 31stDecember

What to do when team player numbers are short?

If the team cannot field at least 5 players – then you should call your Convenor and Forfeit the game.

In extreme circumstances you can borrow from a YOUNGER AGE DIVISION – not the age division of the team and it must be a currently registered player.

Teams that use “ring-in”players risk losing their points for that game.

Do we have to organise training sessions?

No, it is not compulsory  – training can be organised only if you wish.

Can coaches take the field with the team?

Only Boys 6’s, 8’s, 10’s and Girls 6’s 8’s and 10’s games.

Can players wear Representative uniforms at domestic competition games?

No – Representative uniforms are to be worn at representative tournaments and those associated training sessions but not at domestic comps. Players can wear Official Merchandise Gear but only if it does not advertise a Representative tournament.. Nationals, Aussie Championships, State Cup.

How many games does a player need to play to qualify to play in the Semi-Final series for that competition? 

Players need to have played a minimum of 5 games to qualify for Semis/Finals. Only in extenuatuing circumstances will a currently registerd player from a younger age divison be allowed to play up an age to help a team with numbers = 8.

How does a player become eligible to play in Jnr Oztag Representative Tournament? 

Players must be registered in a current Jnr Oztag Competition in the Sutherland Shire, have played a minimum of 7 games and have signed on for those 7 games.